herbal soap manufacturer in bihar

We are the well-known cosmetic manufacturers in the world. We are a third party contract manufacturer. The packaging of our cosmetics can be matched to your requirement. We are a well-known private label manufacturer. We work with updated manufacturing units and infrastructure facilities. We are a dedicated bulk supplier of nature cosmetics. We produce over 3000 formulations. We can prepare several types of herbal creams and lotions in your private label brand. We never use harmful chemicals in our organic beauty products. They are cruelty-free as we do not test any samples on animals. Treasure the benefits of mother nature bestowed in our products. Using Chemical-based Soaps can be detrimental for your skin. Therefore, switch to Herbal Soaps which are made of natural ingredients that are gentle and soft on your precious skin. These herbal soaps are made of natural herbs and nutritious oils that freshen up and rejuvenate your dull and tired skin. These soaps improve the beauty and texture of the skin. It is also helpful in treating skin diseases. Our nature-made soap make your skin soft, smooth and supple. The cherry on the cake is the sweet and pleasing fragrance of the herbal soap due to the essential oils infused into them.


Tulsi Rani Soap

Product Price : 15.00

Min. Order Qty : 1000

Brand : shri