Tulsi Rani Soap

Tulsi Rani Soap
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Brand shri
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Packaging Size 75gm,100 gm, 200gm

- Protects your skin from sunburn, Dust & foreign particles.
- Clears scar & blemishes on the face skin giving a natural glow.
- Washes off dirt and darkening dead skin cells.

Rexel Soap is a unique cleanser gently washes off dirt and darkening dead skin cells without stripping the natural moisture of the skin. Rexel Herbal Soap is the nature''s best cleansers.

Tulsi prevents the accumulation of bacteria on the skin surface which is the root cause of pimples.

Neem moisturizing the dry, chapped, dull skin and replaces it with a new layer of skin which looks healthier and shines with natural beauty. Tulsi, on the other hand, regulates the normal blood circulation on the skin as well.

It Prevent Wrinkles, Neem has a special feature which works on skin and detoxifies the skin from within, regulating the proper blood flow In skin thereby preventing wrinkles or any other sign of pre-mature aging. Whereas, Tulsi are high in anti-oxidant which prevent any sign which can further cause early-aging.

Neem is an Antiseptic agent that heals wounds, burns and bruises kills acne causing bacteria.
Tulsi is a Powerful antioxidant that reduces skin ageing. It is a strong anti bacterial & anti-fungal agent.
Aloe Vera moisturizes & nourishes the skin, Lightens skin color.
Vitamin-E protects skin from harmful UVA & B rays.

Composition Of Rexel Herbal Soap :

Extract of herbs: 10% w/w

(Neem, Tulsi, Brahmi, Chandan,Haldi, Chitrak, Jyotishmati, Kapoor, Vacha, Guggul, Aloevera)

Vitamin E: 0.25 w/w


All kinds of skin disease, Pimples, Itching, Summer Boils and for regular use



In pack of 75gm. For External use only.