Aloe Vera Mango Juice

Aloe Vera Mango Juice
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Packaging Size 400 ml

Alovera With Mango Juice is Helpful in digestion, acts as natural blood purifier, provides as immediate source of energy, helps make a important contribution to a ell balanced diet. It is also knon to be useful for joint pain, Diabetes eight management. Enhances resistant poer of the body. Tone up the function of liver and many more.

Benefits of Alovera with Mango Juice:
  • Regular intak of this juice helps to treat anemia, jaundice.
  • It aids in controlling blood pressure, cholestrol and diabities.
  • Relieves indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain and other types of digestive disorders.
  • Purify blood and is an exellent solution for the treatment of eczema,pimles, acne, wrinkle and dandruff.
  • Ingredients:


  • Alovera Juice (Alo Barbadensis), Vit-C, Vit-E, Natural Mango Fruit
  • Citric Acid (PH stabilizer)