Stem Cell Plus Capsules

Stem Cell Plus Capsules
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The Natural Way To Keep Age At Bay. As A Child, We Are Protected From The Ravages Of Aging And Can Rapidly Recover From Injury Or Illness Because Of The Ability Of The Young Regenerative Stem Cells Of Children Have A Superior Ability To Repair And Regenerate Most Damaged Tissues.
As We Age, Our Stem Cell Populations Become Depleted And/Or Slowly Lose Their Capacity To Repair. Moreover, The Micro-Environment Around Stem Cells Becomes Less Nurturing With Age, So Cell Turnover And Repair Are Further Reduced. This Natural Progression Occurs So Slowly That We Are Barely Aware Of It, But We Start To Notice The Body Changes In Our 20S, 30S, 40S, And Especially After 50 Years Of Age. Double Stemcelltm Helps Adults Regain Their Youthful Regenerative Potential By Stabilizing Stem Cell Function.Double Stemcell Is An Advanced Formula, Loaded With Natural Ingredients Which Are Clinically Proven To Increase Circulating Stem Cells For An Extended Period Of Time. Recent Scientific Studies Suggest That Adult Stem Cells Rejuvenate And Activate Body Cells To Raise Energy And Improve Overall Health And Vitality. Key Ingredients: Double Stem Cell Is An Advanced Unique Blend Of The Powerful Stem Cell Extracts Such As Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cells), Vitis Vinifera (Grape Stem Cells), Along With Other Supportive Ingredients Such As Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Berry) And Vaccinium Myrtilus (Blueberry)Which In Natural Way To Helps To Keep Age At Bay. Malus Domestica: Malus Domestica Is A Liposomal Preparation Of Apple Stem Cells Developed By A Advanced Plant Cell Culture Technology Invented By A Team Of Eminent Researchers And Scientists To Cultivate De-Differentiated Callus Cells From Apple. These Apple Stem Cells Are Rich In Epigenetic Factosa And Metabolites, Assuring The Longevity Of Skin Cells. Malus Domestica Has Been Shown To Protect Skin Stem Cells And Delay The Senescence Of Hair Follicles. Malus Domestica Provides A Revolutionary Anti-Aging Performance For Real Rejuvenation. Vitis Vinifera: Vitis Vinifera (Grapes) Exract Is Obtained From Burgundy Grapes, Which Is Characterized By An Extremely High Content Of Polyphenols For Uv Protection. As We All Know Uv Radiation Is Responsible For 80% Of Skin Aging. Despite The Use Of Sun Protection Filters, Toxins And Free Radicals Are Generated By Uv In The Skin. This Affects Sensitive Cells, Such As The Epidermal Stem Cells, Which Are Essential And Most Valuable. The Activity Of Skin Stem Cells Is The Key Factor In Ensuring The Vitality And Regeneration Capacity Of The Skin. Vitis Vinifera Both Protects And Maintains The Activity Of Epidermal Stem Cells

Directions For Use: Take One Capsule of DOUBLE STEM CELL PLUS Twice Daily On An Empty Stomach Or At Least Half An Hour Before Morning And Evening Meal. For Better Result, Continue To Use For 6-12 Months.