Leucorrhea Capsule

Leucorrhea Capsule
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Packaging Size 60 capsules

Leucorrhoea Care is launched in India in partner with Hawaiian Herbals, Hawaii, USA. It is 100% natural product produced under international GMP regulations and has been tested and verified by researcher’s team. This product delivers superior nutritional support for leucorrhoea. Kai Leucorrhoea Care is ultimate product for these stubborn gynecological problems. Our product is processed with purest quality ingredients procured from reliable suppliers of the market and then manufactured. These products are manufactured and packed under extreme hygienic conditions and under the strict vigilance of quality department. Kai Natural Care has come up with wonderful quality product for women.


Kai Leucorrhoea Care is perfect blend of internationally studied and recognized herbs which are known to have therapeutic effects on discharge problem. It contains Querus infecoria, Centella asiatica, Vitex agnus-castus, Symplocos racemosus, Punica granatum, Areca catechu, Bombax malabaricum, Butea frondosa and Angelica sinensis.

Health Benefits:

· It helps in Whitish or yellow discharge from the

· It acts as a powerful vaginal astringent

·It is efficient in stimulating ovarian tissues, can tone up female generative organs health

· It can stimulate the cells of the immune system

· It is used for improving muscular strength and weight

· It is used to relive pain, muscle cramps, joint pain, asthma, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and high cholesterol

· It is used for respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and vaginal infections

· It can also be used for digestion problems including indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation

· It is also used for fatigue, headache, trouble sleeping, depression and loss of appetite

· It improves circulatory system

· It regulates hormones which supports women’s reproductive cycles