Magic Hot Pad

Magic Hot Pad
Product Price 40.00 Rs
Min Order Qty 500
Brand shri
Packaging Type Box'
Packaging Size 500 Piece


Imagine all of the uses of a heating pad that doesn't have to be plugged in, preheated or filled with hot water. A heat pack that heats to a safe preset temperature and is completely re-usable. This is avalable in diffrent shape, size colours. USES: Our Incredible Magic Heat Pads can be used for the treatment of sports injuries, arthritis pain, back pain, sore neck, menstrual cramps, tooth aches, hypothermia, sprains, growing pains, TMJ, Reynolds Syndrome, or for any of the many ailment where heat will provide relief.

These Incredible Magic Heat Pads are also portable so that they may be used to keep you warm while fishing, hunting, scuba diving, wind surfing, snow boarding, skiing, working, watching outdoor events, hiking, camping, kayaking, curling, walking or during any outdoor activity when it's cold. Whether you are using these Incredible Magic Heat Pads as a hand warmer, foot warmer, shoulder or lower back warmer, baby bottle warmer, plate warmer, battery warmer, demonstration of phase change or to melt a frozen pipe - your Incredible Magic Heat Pads will always heat instantly to the same safe preset temperature of 130º F / 54º C.



Press metal disk floating in side the liquid of the range of MAGIC HEAT PADS to generate heat.

To Recharge:

Put the range of MAGIC HEAT PADS wraped in a thin cloth and place it in boiling water for 5 to 7 min. till all crystals dissolve properly.

If any crystal is still left out, continue to boil again to avoid re- solidifying of the crystals.

When range of MAGIC HEAT PADS is completely clear, it can be use two times. First just after boiling and second when it,s cools.

After range of MAGIC HEAT PAD’S cool down, it can be re- activated for further use by clicking chip in side the liquid.


Do not use below below 5 year.

This is not a toy, keep out of reach of cildren.