Magic Gel Heating Pads

Magic Gel Heating Pads
Product Price 35.00 Rs
Min Order Qty 500
Brand Shree
Packaging Type Box'
Packaging Size Piece

Heat padsmagic gel heating pads are the modern day hot bags which, need not be plugged in, preheated or filledwith hot water. These products are facilitated with a safe preset temperature and shock resistant attribute.

Our products are re-usable and available in variety of colors, sizes and shapes. The range of products offered by us find application in treatment of sports injuries, arthritis pain, hypothermia, sprains andreynolds syndrome. Moreover, our products are portable in nature and therefore can also be used whilefishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, hunting, scuba diving, skiing, working, watching outdoor events, curling, wind surfing, snow boarding, walking or during any outdoor activity when it's cold in order to keep yourselfwarm. These products can be used as hand, foot, plate, battery, shoulder, lower back or baby bottle warmer andthese will instantly heat our products at safe preset temperature of 130º f / 54º c. Operational process:to activate:press the metal disk which is inside the liquid of our magic heat pads to activate these products. To recharge:keep the magic heat pad wrapped in a cloth and place it in boiling water for 5-7mins. Till the crystals aredissolved. In case any crystal is left, continue boiling. This avoids re-solidification of crystals. Once these arecompletely cleared, these can be used twice. First, after boiling and next after cooling. After these products cool down these can be re-activated byclicking on the chip inside the liquid.