Instant Heating Pad

Instant Heating Pad
Product Price 45.00 Rs
Min Order Qty 500
Packaging Type Box'
Packaging Size 500 Piece

Heat therapy has been a natural remedy used in both to relieve pain and enhance the recovery process. By increasing the temperature of the skin surface and underlying tissues, heat stimulates the thermo receptors-sensory receptors that respond to heat and cold-which then help block transmissions of pain signals to the brain. This translates into a significant decrease of discomfort.

Heat therapy increases blood flow, which helps to decrease stiffness, relaxes sore muscles, and provides soothing comfort. Heat should not be used on areas of swelling and bruising. (If swelling occurs, use cool pad, then apply heat after the swelling goes away). Imagine all of the uses of a heating pad that doesn't have to be plugged in, preheated or microwaved. A heat pack that heats to a safe preset temperature and is completely reusable.

To Activate Press metal disk floating in to the gel of the range of Magic Heat Pad to generate heat

To Recharge: Put the range of Magic Heat Pad wrapped in a thin cloth and place it in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes or till all crystals dissolve properly

If any crystal is still left out, continue to boil again to avoid re-crystallization. When range of Magic Heat Pad is completely clear, it can be use two times. First just after boiling and second when it,s cools. This is available in different shape, size colors.


  •  Treatment of sports injuries
  •  Arthritis pain
  •  Back pain
  •  Sore neck
  •  Menstrual cramps
  •  Tooth aches
  •  Hypothermia
  •  Sprains
  •  Growing pains
  •  TMJ reynolds syndrome
  •  Brest toughness
  •  Joint pain
  •  Muscular pain

Magic Heat Pad generate heat instantly up to 130º F/54º C temperature.

Caution: This is not a toy; keep out of reach of children


  •  Do not microwave or puncture the packs
  •  Avoid direct contact with heating container


  •  Gives instant heat at the click of a button
  •  Can be used again and again (Reusable)
  •  Did not required electricity
  •  Cost effective
  •  Superior quality