Aloevera Fairness Gel

Aloevera Fairness Gel
Product Price 45.00 Rs
Min Order Qty 1000
Brand shri
Packaging Type Bottle'
Packaging Size 50gm

We have positioned ourselves on a global chart as leaders of cosmetics. We are a famed third party contract manufacturer. The packaging of our natural products can be tailored as per your requirement. We are a private label manufacturer. We are surrounded with high-tech manufacturing units and infrastructure in our company. We are a loyal bulk supplier of organic products. We manufacture more than 2300 formulations. We can make many varieties of herbal lotions and creams in your private label brand. We never mix harsh chemicals in our beauty products. They are cruelty-free as we never test them on animals. Cherish the benefits of mother earth''s gifts infused into our products. Aloe Vera Gel is derived from Aloe Vera plant. It is useful for treating rashes, irritated skin and sunburns. It fights acne and serves as a good moisturizer. It eliminates blemishes and battles all signs of aging. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It helps in curing gum diseases, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema and so on. Store in a cool place which is away from sunlight. Apply chilled aloe vera gel to your skin to make it soft, smooth and supple. It gives you a clean and clear complexion. Enjoy radiant skin with the help of Aloe Vera Gel.