Punarnava Powder

Punarnava Powder
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Practical Uses Of Boerhavia Diffusa>Punarnava herb possess diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-arthritic, spasmolytic, antibacterial, analgesic, immunity booster and anti-ageing properties.>It is beneficial in arthritis as it reduces inflammation and pain in joints.>This herb is used in treating all the disorder of the kidneys as it can very efficiently decreases the urea levels in the body.>Punarnava is good to treat impotence and can enhance (libido, erection, quality and quantity of semen).>It acts as a carminative, increases appetite, reduces abdominal pain & relieve constipation too.>This is an herbal agent in reducing productive cough and asthma.>Punarnava herb shows good result in skin diseases like scabies and it is a brilliant natural remedy for guinea worms.>This herb is used in combination with other herbal ingredients to treat anemia.>It is used for renal calculi (kidney stone), cystitis and nephritis.>Punarnava is extensively used to rejuvenate liver and detoxify it. >The herb give effective result in jaundice or hepatitis.>Boerhavia diffusa is a potent herb in Ayurvedic preparations for menorrhagia.>It has ability to rejuvenate whole body and health as it strengthens the body and normalizes doshas.