Gas Jali

Gas Jali
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With the assistance of skilled and dedicated professionals, we are eminent Exporter, Distributor Supplier of Gas Jali-Gas Energy Saver in Surat, Gujarat, India. Gas Energy Saver -Cooks faster -Acts as a mini tandoor -Roasts Papad, baingan,chicken -Fits all gas hobs -Burns gas more efficiently -Stainless steel is dishwasher saver -Easy to use

At a time when Cooking Gas prices are increasing day by day this little device is a wise option to have to save the precious LPG gas. It also is a handy mini tandoor for all your grilling needs like roasting Papad, baingan, chicken prawns etc. Energy Saving Gas Net fits over your existing gas hob burner and immediately makes the hob use less gas when cooking: saving money and energy. It's basically a net made of metal wires arranged like bicycle spokes. All you have to do is to place it on your gas hob, and it is supposed to help you save gas. From the description it says the net can increase the burning temperature from 660-800 degrees Celsius to 1000-1200 degrees Celsius reducing the cooking time, reduce carbon monoxide from 0.18% to 0.026%; cooks food 14% faster . Works in 3 Scientific Ways to Save your Cooking Gas. "For later images shown Other Props shown along with the Product for Sale are for illustrative purpose only not for sale."